• Known2U (pronounced 'known-to-you') specializes in architecting and delivering unique solutions to complex and costly problems in the benefits administration domain
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Our Mission

Known2U (pronounced 'known-to-you') specializes in architecting and delivering unique solutions to complex and costly problems in the benefits administration domain

Known2U Data Mapping

Who We Are

We have over two decades of experience in the benefits administration domain, with a track record of delivering effective, cost effective and scalable high tech solutions to complex problems. We have provided solutions to a vast array of companies - from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

What We Do

The employee benefits administration domain is characterized by complex decision making around employees, their benefits, eligibility and costs. These decisions impact how corporations and benefit providers manage benefits throughtout the year. Proper capture, implementation and management of this decision making knowledge is at the heart of the complexity and expense of benefits administration software. Unfortunately, with typical software solutions, these decision are never made explicit to the end business users. Instead, they are buried in database implementations, code developed by IT resources and/or other electronic assets hidden away from the users and producers of this knowledge. Known2U's approach to solving benefits administration problems is to develop solutions that not only capture decision making knowledge, but to explicitly expose this knowledge to the end business users. This approach provides the business users and owners with a mechanism to understand, create and manage this critical decision making knowledge - rather than IT staff. Whether the decisions are for employee eligibility, account structure on vendor files, employee classifications, benefit rate determination, or any other aspect of benefits administration, Known2U provides unique solutions that empower knowledge owners, deliver superior results and reduce costs associated with ongoing knowledge maintenance. Our solutions take implicit decision-making knowledge and make it 'known to you'.

Vendor File Integration

Semantic Mapping of Data

Benefits Ontologies

Machine Learning

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Vendor File Solutions

Need to deliver benefits data to vendors? Whether you are a benefits administrator, HCM software vendor, or employer, we can architect a robust solution for you characterized by low cost, high quality and fast implementations.

With experience in over 350 different vendor formats. we stand ready to assist in your vendor file implementations.

Data Management

We can help you unlock the power of your existing data and leverage it in new and innovative ways.

For example, by applying an individual's personal and enrollment information against a set of decisions, dynamic and personalized packets of information can be produced (such as customized enrollment forms or evidence of insurability forms).

Semantic Mapping

Utilizing AI and Ontology techniques, our revolutionary semantic mapping technology can take data in any data format and 'understand' the concepts within your data. This allows software to be written that utilizes the concepts within your data rather than against its underlying format.

Our Semantic Mapping techonology can have dramatic impacts when incorporated into a vendor file solution.

Solution Architecture

Let us architect and design a complete software offering, or we can work with your architecture and software teams to bring innovative solutions to your software offerings.

What People Are Saying...

Below is a sample of the praise we have received from our customers because we make their jobs easier.

Jill Doran

Data Exchange Specialist, Ceridian

In all the years that I have been here, the file you produced for us was the fastest and the cleanest I've ever seen.

Robert Corrigan

Navia Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Just a note, impressive files! Not many pass on first submission. Great Job!

C. Sandy

Belcan Government Services

You know you are the bomb. Best Vendor I have worked with.

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