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A letter from our CEO

Data Exchange as a Service (DEaaS)

You probably have not heard that phrase before, and that's OK

because we here at Known2U, the leader in cloud-based data exchange, coined the term! Employers and Benefits Administrators have valuable data in their systems that needs to be shared with their 3rd party vendors, so that those vendors can service their employees. Without that data flowing properly to the vendor on a consistent basis and with high quality, vendors cannot properly service the employees.

Traditional approaches to fulfilling data exchanges are non-scalable, expensive, time and budget consuming, and updates/changes can be brutal. In summary, traditional approaches and generalized data mapping tools are just not the answer. Enter Known2U’s Cloud Data Xchange® (CDX) platform – an industry game changer.

So what exactly is Data Exchange as a Service and what components must be in a DEaaS platform?

1. Total Lifecycle Management

It must offer tools to manage and monitor the complete life cycle of a data exchange. Tools to both implement and manage an exchange, and operational tools to monitor the creation and movement of the data have to be present.

2. Self Service

Tools must allow for companies to manage and implement the data exchanges themselves, or have the flexibility to have a 3rd party “Data Exchange Administrator” manage the exchanges for them.

3. No IT Necessary

Implementation MUST be able to be performed by non-IT personnel. Said another way, business domain experts must be able to easily express the mapping and transformation business requirements.

4. Library of Pre-Built Data Layouts

A DEaaS offering must have an extensive library of pre-existing vendor data layouts to help eliminate long implementation times. Known2U’s has a vast library that grows each and every month. CDX has enabled integration setup in as little as 15 minutes!

5. Flexible Data Integration

It must offer both file based and API integration between the source system and the DEaaS platform. It also must support both push and pull models of data sharing between these systems.

6. Operational Dashboard

An operational console is necessary so that people can monitor and see what exchanges have happened. Additionally, a host of information, metrics and analytics must be presented to the users so that they have deeper understanding of the data that has flowed through each and every data exchange.

7. Handle any Format

It must be able to handle any incoming file format (e.g. XML, JSON, CSV, etc.) and must be able to output any required data format (CSV, fixed length flat files, XML, JSON, spreadsheet, web API calls, etc.).

8. Quality and Data Checks

Each and every data exchange must be analyzed not only for data issues (e.g. missing required data, bad characters in data, etc.), but also must have quality checks on the overall exchange itself (e.g. are the number of active employees on the file in tolerance from week to week).

Our Cloud Data Xchange® offers all this and more. CDX can literally decrease the costs of building and maintaining your data exchanges by 70% - 90%. We welcome you to learn more about our CDX platform (CDX Semantic Studio, CDX Semantic Engine, and CDX Dashboard) and how we can help you build and monitor data exchanges fast, with high quality, and extremely cost-effective.

We look forward to building a long lasting and incredibly strong partnership – we stand ready to serve you!

Buddy Kresge, President & CEO of Known2U

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