Frequently Asked Questions

What third-party vendors can CDX send or transmit data to?
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CDX can send data to any company using any transmission technology (e.g. SFTP, web services/APIs, etc.) while obeying any security protocols that the vendor/platform receiving the data requires.

What standard outgoing data formats does CDX support?
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We support the creation and sending of all common text-based file formats (CSV, positional, JSON, XML, character delimited, and ANSI X12)

What platforms can CDX accept incoming data from?
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CDX can receive data from any HCM/HR or benefits administration platform. Data can be transmitted to CDX either in a file/extract-based or API-based fashion.

Our proprietary technology leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that enable us to use one single set of data mapping instructions – regardless of the incoming data format and source platform.  This ensures the highest degree of quality and speed as CDX does not rely on ""platform-specific""  integrations.

What measures do you take to protect my sensitive HR, Payroll, and Benefits data?
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CDX User Authentication: You can choose to have CDX authenticate your users based on strong password rules and 2 Factor Authentication. Alternatively, we can integrate with your SSO provider through either SAML or OIDC

CDX User Permissions: CDX supports different user role permission so you can grant all your users an appropriate level of access.

CDX Secure File Authentication: Server to Server authentication for secure file transfer can use both password and key-based authentication.

Data Encryption: Data is encrypted in transit with the appropriate industry-standard algorithm for the transport the data is using.  This will be TLS (minimum TLS 1.2) for HTTPS traffic and AES (minimum AES-256) for SFTP.  Files being transported can additionally be encrypted with PGP. Data at rest is encrypted using AES-256.

What if I have a mid-year change or a change at open enrollment time? How easy is it to update an existing data exchange implemented on CDX?
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The CDX implementation suite of tools allows mid-year and open enrollment changes to be made in minutes or hours and not days or weeks. These updates can also be done by non-IT resources.

How does the CDX platform set up and maintain data exchange integrations?
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The CDX library consists of 700+ pre-built integration –  and grows each and every month! If you have a vendor system that is not in the CDX library? No problem! We will build it and add it to the library at no cost to you.

We’re able to quickly build and maintain integrations with third-party vendors because we use our own proprietary technology and services. Known2U does NOT use commercially available "generic" data mapping tools that require advanced programming skills. Instead, new data exchanges can be implemented and maintained by business subject matter experts (instead of IT professionals).

How does CDX help speed up the data exchange integration time with my third-party vendor partners?
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Known2U's proprietary implementation tools and technology (powered by AI technologies) coupled with Known2U's large CDX library of pre-built data exchanges, allows clients to have implementations ready in hours or days, not months.

How can my organization monitor and see the vendor data exchanges that have been processed by CDX?
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CDX provides a real-time operational dashboard that allows your team members to monitor and review any data exchange between your organization and your 3rd party vendor partners.  Traditionally, HR and non-IT personnel have no insight into how their data exchanges performed or if the exchange even happened at all!  With CDX, this is no longer hidden but is now "known to you" and your team members.

Does Known2U provide implementation services to set up data exchanges?
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Known2U offers Implementation services and year-round support. Please discuss your implementation options with your Known2U representative.

Does CDX support the creation and transmission of ANSI 834 formatted files?
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The CDX platform easily supports and manages ANSI 834 files, while many others struggle to produce these formats. Reach out to Known2U today to see how.

Does CDX identify any issues with the incoming data prior to sending it to our vendor partner(s), or are we reliant solely on the processing reports from our vendors?
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CDX provides real-time analysis of your data and outgoing data exchange format to check for errors and issues that are specific to the vendor's specifications. Typically companies are not made aware of any issues until after the vendor receives the data and provides a report back to the company - which can take days. With CDX, our platform provides real-time notifications of issues.

Can I retransmit a file/data exchange to a third-party vendor (e.g. they misplaced the incoming file)?
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CDX has the capability to archive a copy of the exact file that was sent to the vendor.  With this capability, CDX also allows a company to retransmit a file that was previously sent as sometimes a vendor may request a file to be retransmitted.