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Imagine how productive your team could be if data exchanges weren’t buried in databases or controlled by IT staff?

Data Range & Search

Select the date range for the data exchanges you wish to view. You can additionally refine your search by typing text in the Search field.

Received Dates

The date data was received by CDX. Additionally, when you click this link it will provide details about the processing of this exchange (e.g. when it was sent to the vendor, name of the file sent posted to the vendor, any data errors CDX detected, enrollment statistics (e.g. how many employees are enrolled in each type of plan), archived copy of the exact data sent to the vendor, etc.)

Sender & Receiver

Shows who sent the data and the organization receiving the data.

Manage Contacts

Manage and view any contacts associated with this data exchange (e.g. technical team members, account representatives, escalation contacts, etc.)

File Names

Identifies the data coming into CDX for processing

See Exchange Status

See the overall status of the data exchanges being processed. This updates in real-time.

View Progress

Overall progress bar – which updates in real time. The 3 stages are

  • Data received
  • Transformation processing/processed
  • Data transmitted

Meet the CDX Platform

With our all-in-one platform, you can implement, monitor, and analyze your data exchanges across all your vendors. We offer an extensive library of  700+ pre-built integrations, allowing you to implement data exchanges within hours or days, not months!

CDX Semantic Studio

CDX Semantic Engine

CDX Dashboard



Cloud Data Xchange Semantic Studio

Set Up and Manage Your Data Exchanges, Without Coding.

Cloud Data Xchange Semantic Studio allows non-IT professionals to set up and manage their data exchanges. With our AI tools, you can match and map data between your systems and vendors without understanding the different data formats for each system.

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