Stress-Free Data Exchanges

Without the CDX platform, many companies are left frustrated by:


overlapping circles


Business team members having no visibility into their data exchanges, such as whether the data was exchanged on time, if there were any data issues that need to be corrected, analytics on the data, etc.




Revolutionizing Data Exchanges with a Simple Approach

To help companies overcome these challenges, Known2U developed its own proprietary technology and services to put power back into the hands of business users.

Semantic data mapping image

Semantic Data Mapping

Utilizing AI technologies, the CDX platform semantically maps data between systems, reducing the translation/mapping burden and providing you with a fast and cost-effective solution to creating data exchanges

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Data Exchange Visibility

Our CDX real-time Dashboard provides you with the visibility required to manage and monitor your vendor data exchanges without IT support

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All-in-One Platform

The CDX platform is a central location for your team to manage all of your data exchanges across all of your vendors. We offer 700+ pre-built integrations (and we’re always adding more!)

Your Data Becomes Knowledge When It’s Known2U

With our cloud-based platform, HR and Benefits professionals can manage and share your data with all your third-party vendors without any coding or help from IT staff.  We’re transforming the industry one exchange at a time!

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